Three River's Model T Club
October 20, 2011
Meeting at Old Country Buffet
Tonight's meeting was opened by President Marlene Coder.  We had a good turnout of members - 22 in all.  Marlene welcomed everyone and it was especially nice to see Terry and Edris Shugrad and Wayne and Loraine Williams.   
Bill Sheller told of his experience in repairing "Henry" and all is going well.  Henry will survive!
Marlene passed around the monthly bulletin at Sun Terrace Assisted Living in Sunnyside with our Model T's on the front cover. 
Wanda read the minutes - all approved.
It was decided that our next meeting will be back at the Riatia Springs church starting at 7:00 p.m.  Marlene stressed that this is an important meeting with nominations and elections taking place.  Dean Stokes and Jim Elenbaas will be the nominating committee.  If you are contacted, please say "YES".  Mary Fraser and Sharon Peterson will bring snacks. 
It was also decided that the Christmas Party will be December 15th at the Stokes' home in Sunnyside.  The time will be 5:00p.m.  Directions to the Stokes is as follows:  From the Tri Cities area - head toward Sunnyside going through Prosser and Grandview.  When you see exit 73, take it.  Stop at the bottom of the exit and turn right keeping on Wine Country Highway (Yakima Valley 12) and head towards Sunnyside.  When you see Black Rock Golf Course and RJ's Casino and Restaurant (Ray Road) turn right and continue for approximately three miles.  You will cross several roads, stay on Ray Road.  After crossing Sheller Rd, keep on Ray, our farm is the big white house with barn and silo.  We are on the right had side.  Our address is 2791 Ray Road, Sunnyside, WA  98944.  If you get lost, please call (509) 837-7443 or 391-9910 and we'll help you out.  If you plan on attending (and we hope you do), please bring a salad or dessert for the potluck dinner and a gift costing no more than $15.00.  If you do not bring a gift, you cannot participate in the gift exchange. (If the weather is bad and you wish not to drive home the evening of the party, you are welcome to stay with us and we will try to accommodate you.)  Members from the lower valley, directions are to head toward the Black Rock Golf Course and follow the directions listed above for Ray Road.
The concept of monthly meetings is still up in the air.  There was much discussion regarding monthly meetings.  Several suggestions were made such:  as having the meeting at member's homes, meet every other month at the church, meet at events such as car shows to participate in, do more activities.  More will follow.  It was also stressed that we should get more Model T owners involved.  We should ask them to come to meetings, give them a copy of our newsletter, telephone them, whatever it takes to have them come to an event.
Dale has done an excellent job of producing our newsletter.  More discussion about mailing out the newsletter and several members expressed that they really like getting a copy in the mail.  Bill Sheller suggested just doing a black and white newsletter and save expense of color ink cartridges.  Costco also has Forever postage stamps cheaper than anywhere else.  For those members who would like to continue getting the newsletter on line, please contact Dale Peterson. 
Jane Armstrong reported that Richland will be having their popular Tombstone Tales again in the cemetery.  This will be October 29th from 1:00 -4:00p.m..  For those who do not know what this is, actors and actresses of the community dress in period costume and stand over the grave of a founding member of the Tri City area.  The actors then portray that individual and his or her accomplishments.  It is very interesting and informative.  Plan on attending.  The cemetery is on Williams Street in Richland.
Dean reported that he has had lots of interest about the plans to go up Pike's Peak in Colorado next summer. (YIKES!!)  He asked other Model T'ers on the Model T Online Forum, and has received much feedback.  Some suggestions for going up Pike's Peak in a Model T, were to have good breaks, practice breathing thin air by hiking around Mt. Rainer a couple of times, hire a sherpa, have a strong left leg among other suggestions!  Several of our members said that they wish to do this.
Next year will be the National Model T Tour in Nebraska June 17-22, 2012. Several members are thinking about attending.
Dale has plans on touring Mount Rainer next summer.  Dean had some suggestions also about Mt. Rainier.  This should be a beautiful trip and again more information will be forthcoming.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned. 
Respectively submitted, Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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