Three River's Model T Club
October 21, 2010 Minutes
Tonight's meeting was opened by Vice President, Dean Stokes.  President Marlene Coder was absent.  The Pledge of Allegiance was dismissed as we did not have a flag present.
Dean asked for the minutes to be read.  Secretary, Wanda Stokes read the minutes with no additions or corrections.  Minutes approved.
Treasurer, Mike Porter gave his report.  We have money in the bank.  Mike noted the latest information from other Model T Clubs.  He received a postcard from Grand Junction Car Show in Colorado scheduled for Sept. 2011, a letter from Hal Schedler who is running for a board position with the MTFCA asking for votes.  Mike also received a letter from the LeMay Car Museum asking for donations.
Old Business
There was much discussion as to where to have our annual Christmas party.  Dan Danko gave his report of holding the party at Cousin's Restaurant.  They would love to have a Model T for display and have a large meeting room for our party.  Everyone would just order off the menu as they wish.  Marlene Coder telephoned her report to Dean Stokes.  Marlene checked out Old Country Buffet.  The room for the party is rather small and there was some discussion if it would hold everyone.  Linda Porter checked out the Kennewick Library which is large enough for the party.  It includes tables and chairs but we have to bring in our own food.  Dean asked for a vote.  The final vote was for Cousin's Restaurant in Pasco.  The Christmas Party will be December 12, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Nominations for 2011 - We will be voting for officers and Board of Directors at the November meeting.  As it stands now, the following are slated for officers:
President -                 Marlene Coder
Vice President -        Dean Stokes,
Secretary -                 Wanda Stokes
Treasurer -             Mike Porter
Board of Directors - Marlene Coder -     1 year
                                    Russ Armstrong -     2 years
                                    Fred Fraser -             3 years
The floor was opened up for nominations - Sharon Peterson was nominated, but declined. 
Fred Fraser gave his report on the Crest Museum Halloween program.  He will e-mail out more information to those who wish to know more.
Wanda will send Russ Armstrong a get-well card as Russ had a knee replacement.  A get well card will also be sent to Larry Coder.  Our best wishes to both.
New Business
Next Year's National Model T tour will be to Alberta, Canada.  The theme is Cowboy's and Coal Mines.  Dean talked to a fellow in Alberta who encouraged everyone to attend as there will be lots of open prairies and wonderful things to see and do.  The tour will be limited to 80 cars.  The dates for the National tour is June 26th through July 1st.
Dean asked for a Garage report - Dale Peterson reported that he is getting his speedster's body on.  Mike Porter and Dean Stokes have a 26 Roadster for sale.
Dale Peterson and several other members who went on the "Seat of Your Pants" tour to the San Juan Islands gave their report on this beautiful and memorable trip. 
Bill Sheller is rumored to have a tour mulling around for next year to Lyle, Washington. Bill's tour are always outstanding.  There was also a report on the Spokane, Lewiston and Walla Walla tour that rotates every year between the three clubs which is always a lot of fun.
Sharon Peterson came up with a wonderful slogan for 2011 - "We will stay with you."  This sounded like a great idea to everyone present. 
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,  Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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