Three Rivers Model T Ford Club

P. O. Box 7083

Kennewick, WA   99336

“T-Times” is the publication of the Three Rivers Model T Ford Club and is published monthly solely for its members and exchange with other antique automobile groups.  Editorial copy and advertisements should be sent to: Editor 218 NE A Street College Place, WA 99324 by the 25th of the month for inclusion in the next month’s issue.

The Three Rivers Model T Ford Club is a chapter of the Model T Ford club of America.  Membership is recommended and encouraged.  Make membership requests to: MTFCA  P.O. Box 126 Centerville, IN   47330

2010 Officers

Club President 2010             Marlene Coder

Vice President                      Dean Stokes

Secretary                              Wanda Stokes
Treasurer                               Mike Porter

Newsletter Editor                  Dale Peterson

Board Members

1 Year  --  Dale Peterson

2 Year  --  Marlene Coder

3 Year  --  Russ Armstrong

The Three Rivers Model T Ford Club is dedicated to the restoration and enjoyment of the Model T Ford.  Ownership is recommended but not a requirement of membership.  Annual dues are $20.  Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at the Reata Springs Baptist Church, 2830 Leopold Lane, Richland, WA at 7:00 PM.



Special Dates

BIRTHDAYS                                                  ANNIVERSARIES 

11-01  Doris Burma                                        11-25  John & Lynda Carraher 

11-09  Dave Ottem

11-13  Joan Dionne

11-19  Hattie Huetson

11-19  Dale Peterson 

11-24  Bertha Feik

11-24  Joe Kuhns

11-28  Jolene Kuhns




November  18         Monthly meeting 7:00 PM at the Riata Springs Baptist Church, Richland, WA

December 12           Christmas Party at Cousin's Restaurant in Pasco 1:00 PM-5:00 PM.  We will again have a gift exchange, bring a "unisex" gift with a value up to $10.00 if you wish to participate.

January 22?             Annual dinner meeting to install new officers and start to plan for a new year of touring.  Date, time, and place to be determined at the December monthly meeting.

June 27 - July 1       2011 MTFCA National Tour, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Three River's Model T Club
October 21, 2010 Minutes
Tonight's meeting was opened by Vice President, Dean Stokes.  President Marlene Coder was absent.  The Pledge of Allegiance was dismissed as we did not have a flag present.
Dean asked for the minutes to be read.  Secretary, Wanda Stokes read the minutes with no additions or corrections.  Minutes approved.
Treasurer, Mike Porter gave his report.  We have money in the bank.  Mike noted the latest information from other Model T Clubs.  He received a postcard from Grand Junction Car Show in Colorado scheduled for Sept. 2011, a letter from Hal Schedler who is running for a board position with the MTFCA asking for votes.  Mike also received a letter from the LeMay Car Museum asking for donations.
Old Business
There was much discussion as to where to have our annual Christmas party.  Dan Danko gave his report of holding the party at Cousin's Restaurant.  They would love to have a Model T for display and have a large meeting room for our party.  Everyone would just order off the menu as they wish.  Marlene Coder telephoned her report to Dean Stokes.  Marlene checked out Old Country Buffet.  The room for the party is rather small and there was some discussion if it would hold everyone.  Linda Porter checked out the Kennewick Library which is large enough for the party.  It includes tables and chairs but we have to bring in our own food.  Dean asked for a vote.  The final vote was for Cousin's Restaurant in Pasco.  The Christmas Party will be December 12, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Nominations for 2011 - We will be voting for officers and Board of Directors at the November meeting.  As it stands now, the following are slated for officers:
        President -                 Marlene Coder
      Vice President -           Dean Stokes,
      Secretary -                 Wanda Stokes
     Treasurer -                   Mike Porter
Board of Directors -
         Marlene Coder -     1 year
                Russ Armstrong -     2years
                   Fred Fraser -             3 years
The floor was opened up for nominations - Sharon Peterson was nominated, but declined. 
Fred Fraser gave his report on the Crest Museum Halloween program.  He will e-mail out more information to those who wish to know more.
Wanda will send Russ Armstrong a get-well card as Russ had a knee replacement.  A get well card will also be sent to Larry Coder.  Our best wishes to both.
New Business
Next Year's National Model T tour will be to Alberta, Canada.  The theme is Cowboy's and Coal Mines.  Dean talked to a fellow in Alberta who encouraged everyone to attend as there will be lots of open prairies and wonderful things to see and do.  The tour will be limited to 80 cars.  The dates for the National tour is June 26th through July 1st.
Dean asked for a Garage report - Dale Peterson reported that he is getting his speedster's body on.  Mike Porter and Dean Stokes have a 26 Roadster for sale.
Dale Peterson and several other members who went on the "Seat of Your Pants" tour to the San Juan Islands gave their report on this beautiful and memorable trip. 
Bill Sheller is rumored to have a tour mulling around for next year to Lyle, Washington. Bill's tour are always outstanding.  There was also a report on the Spokane, Lewiston and Walla Walla tour that rotates every year between the three clubs which is always a lot of fun.
Sharon Peterson came up with a wonderful slogan for 2011 - "We will stay with you."  This sounded like a great idea to everyone present. 
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,  Wanda Stokes, Secretary


Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Dale Peterson

   After the transmission problem was resolved, our first real tour with Miss Daisy was a weekend trip to Joseph, Oregon with the  Three Rivers Model T Club.  Was it ever good to get behind the wheel, cruising the back roads with friends.  Since we live between the Tri-Cities and Joseph, we met up with the tour at Westin, OR for breakfast.  Then it was down the road with the first obstacle, Tollgate Hill. 

   Recently, we had gone on a one day tour with the Walla Walla Historic Auto Club to Fishhook Park.  On the way, Miss Daisy had lost power and quit.  After pulling to a stop, nothing could be found to explain this ocurance.  A  pull on the crank after a thorough examination and the engine roared to life and off we went to finish the trip.

   Now back to the Joseph trip, all was going well until 3/4 up Tollgate Hill, Miss Daisy again lost power and came to a stop.  With more hill to go and lunch waiting ahead, we accepted the indignity of  being loaded on the trouble trailer.  After a great meal, I just couldn't give up and not at least try to finish the trip with Miss Daisy. Mike Porter told me that the best way to find the answer to an intermittent T problem was to just keep on driving it and it would eventually make itself known.  So when a pull on the crank all seemed well with good compression, on with the key and she fired up just fine.  Well, she couldn't get off the vulture wagon quick enough.  No more problems all the way to Joseph including two more fair hills.  A side trip to Imnaha was taken in stride and it seemed Miss Daisy was doing just fine. 

   On the way back it was my turn to let Miss Daisy down.  With all the distractions of the morning, I had forgotten to fill the gas tank.  This time when Miss Daisy came to a halt going up hill, it was a sudden loss of power and the cause was quickly determined to be a lack of gasoline.  But not to despair, one of the other drivers had a gallon for times such as this and we made it the remaining three miles to the pump at Enterprise.  Only a little embarrassed, we were soon on our way back up Tollgate Hill.  But nearly half way up, Miss Daisy again lost power and came to a halt.  A little time on the side of the road and just like before, she started right up and continued up the hill.  Only she lost power again in just a couple miles and this time when she stopped, it was with a notable drawn out metallic squeak.  And also, this time after a short time, then a longer time, the crank was not going to budge.  The rest of the group had gone ahead earlier and left Jim Langdon in his Model A behind to make sure we made it back OK.  Out came a tow strap and Miss Daisy made it to the top of the hill where we could call our son Jay to bring the truck and trailer to rescue us.

   Once home, it was again time to set the hood aside and get the hands greasy.  Bill Sheller was planning a tour to the old Barlow Road and around Mount Hood in three months, and I was really looking forward to that trip.  I was sure glad for that inspection plate on the bottom of the pan and the flat head that made it easy to get to the business end of the T engine.  With the head off, it was obvious where the problem was.  The number 2 cylinder was gouged pretty badly.  With the upcoming tour getting closer, I made the decision to pull the one piston, remedy the problem as best I could and see if Miss Daisy would be ready in time.  The rod bearings seemed to be just fine and it wasn't until the piston was out that I learned the source of the problem.  The wrist pin had frozen and had actually welded itself to the aluminum piston.  A hone removed all of the scrape marks except two that I could still feel with my fingernail (and see with my eyes).  But, I really wanted to go on Bill's tour, so one new piston with rings installed, the job was finished with the thought that if it used too much oil, winter was a much better time to pull the engine and do a rebuild. 

   Just for good measure, dippers on the rod caps, a water pump,  and an outside oil line was added.  The cause of the failure?  I'm not sure but I do know that 1) the engine had sat for over 20 years after rebuilding and the bearings were likely dry and 2) the long steep up hills out west leave the front of the engine without much oil from the splash oil system. 

   The decision must have been a good one because Miss Daily did just fine, climbing from bottom to top of the Columbia Gorge at least five times on the tour.  And, she still does not smoke or seem to burn more than the normal amount of oil.  So lessons learned this time?  First, even though Henry made one of the most reliable cars of the time, he also did a good job of making a car that the average Joe could easily work on.  Why else are there so many of them still around.   Second, I sure love driving Miss Daisy!

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