Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2012

Round Table Pizza, Kennewick, WA


Tonight's meeting was held at Round Table Pizza with 18 members present.  President Dean Stokes welcomed everyone.  Because we didn't have an American Flag for tonight's meeting, the Pledge was omitted.


Wanda Stokes, Secretary read the minutes.  All approved except for one correction.  Fred Fraser goes to one year remaining on the Board of Directors and Jim Elenbaas moves to two years remaining on the Board.


Mike Porter, Treasurer gave his report.  We have money in the bank. Mike paid Dale Peterson, Editor, for his expenses in putting out our newspaper.


Old Business


Bill Sheller gave his report with the Nominating Committee.  The new slate of officers will be:


President - Larry Coder

Vice President - Jim Elenbaas

Secretary - Dale Peterson

Treasurer - Mike Porter


The new three year board member will be Gary Ellingson.  Bill noted that Board members must be members of the Model T Ford Club of America.


Dean thanked Bill and Jim Elenbaas for their help as the Nominating Committee.


New Business


Larry Coder asked when some of the guys can come and help him with his Model T.  After some discussion, Larry will pick a date that is convenient and call members for help.


Phyllis Langdon brought a jacket with a logo on it and asked if our members are interested in creating jackets for our membership.  After much discussion, it was decided "YES" we would like to have matching jackets with our Three River's Model T logo on the back.  Phyllis will look into the price of the logo design to be embroidered on the jackets and the cost of the jackets too.  All agreed this would be a worthwhile project.  Thank you, Phyllis for your contribution of a great idea.


Christmas Party will be December 15th at 1:00 p.m. at the Stokes' home in Sunnyside.  Wanda has decided that Lasagna will be served with a fresh garden salad and French bread.  Members are asked to bring appetizers or a dessert.  This is something a little different from our traditional ham, but will be delicious and plenty for everyone.  Members are asked to bring a non-gender gift costing no more than $15.00.  Bring your gifts wrapped and ready for the party.  You must bring a gift for yourself and your spouse or guest.  If you do not bring a gift, you cannot participate in our Christmas game.  This rule has been in effect for several years and no one goes away without a gift to take home.  Please come and have a wonderful time.


Our next meeting will be November 15, 2012 at Round Table Pizza on Clearwater in Kennewick at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone enjoyed having our meeting here, and it was decided that we should have our monthly meetings here.  Dale Peterson asked the management to book the meeting room for us and they did! 


For the next meeting in November, we will be having our official elections.  Please come to vote into office the members nominated. 


Dean also pointed out that Tome Stone Tales will be taking place Saturday October 27th on Williams Boulevard in Richland.  This is a wonderful event to attend as it is well done and very educational and entertaining.


Dean also mentioned that we have a great pumpkin grower as a member.  Jim Elenbaas grew two HUGE pumpkins.  One pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 385 lbs and the second pumpkin at 340 lbs.  Way to grow pumpkins, Jim, Fantastic!  Jim is saving the seeds for next year.


Dale asked for old spark plugs as he is collecting them.  There is not much information out there about old spark plugs.  If you have some or know of some, please contact Dale Peterson.


Bill drew Linda Porter as this month's winner in the meeting drawing.  Congratulations Linda - she won a cute spooky light up ghost and M&M's.  Thank you, Bill.


With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectively Submitted, 

Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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