Three River's Model T Club

November 18, 2010

Tonight's meeting was called to order by President, Marlene Coder.  There were 16 members present. 
Treasurer, Mike Porter, reported that we have money in the bank.  He also offered a report on where our dollars have been spent this past month.  He also reminded members that dues are due in January 2011.
The club owes Dale Peterson, (our newsletter & web master), postage, ink, etc.  Dale will e-mail Mike his expenses and be reimbursed.
Secretary, Wanda Stokes, was absent, Dean Stokes filled in for her.  Dean read the minutes from the past meeting.  Only one correction regarding the correct spelling of Crehst museum.  Minutes approved.
Old Business
Mary Fraser brought a scrap book of the San Juan Islands tour.  Thank you Mary. 
Dan Danko brought menus from Cousins Restaurant for everyone to take home and look at for the upcoming Christmas Party (December 12, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at Cousins in Pasco).  Thank you Dan for all your hard work, it is appreciated.
New Business
Jane Armstrong brought a letter regarding Ford books offered at a discount.  Ford Model T Car Put the World on Wheels was one of the books offered.  Thank you Jane.  If you are interested in discount books, please contact Jane.
Repeating last year's thank you to members, a $5.00 rebate will be offered to each member who renew their dues and come to the January meeting at Old Country Buffet - January 23rd at 2:00 p.m.  This is the installation of new and old members, please plan on attending.  Phyllis Langdon motioned that we reimburse each paid member $5.00 up to $10.00 for couples per membership.  The motion was passed.
Dale Peterson announced that he will be going on vacation, so if you have anything you want in the newsletter, please get this to Dale as soon as possible.  Thank you Dale.
Linda Porter motioned that we tell the church that we will not be holding our December or January meetings here. Marlene said that she will contact the church and let them know.
Fred Fraser brought several items that Lucille Knutson donated to our club.  They were passed out to members who wished to have them.  Thank you Lucille for your generosity.
Election ballots were passed out and counted by Ivan Dike and Phyllis Langdon.  Ivan read the results:
President  -  Marlene Coder
Vice President  -  Dean Stokes
Secretary  -  Wanda Stokes
Treasurer  -  Mike Porter
Board of Directors
Marlene Coder  1 year
Russ Armstrong  -  2 years
Fred Fraser - 3 years
Marlene reminded everyone to bring a gift for each person participating in the gift exchange.  A gift should be unisex and not exceed $10.00.  If you do not bring a gift, you cannot participate.
There was some discussion about sending in applications for the tour to Pincher Creek in Alberta, Canada for next year's National Model T Tour.  You can give your application to Mike Porter at the Christmas Party.  You can find a link at the Model T Association of American's website to download and fill out with your entry tour money and bring to the Christmas Party where Mike will send the applications in for us.  Thank you Mike.
Dean Stokes is looking for a radiator for a fellow in Uruguay. 
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,  Dean Stokes on behalf of Wanda Stokes
Birthday's for December are:  Happy Birthday to each of you!
Bill Sheller  12-03
Fred Fraser  12-10
Raymond Lehrman  12-17
Lorraine Williams  12-18
Lynda Carraher  12-22
Bernice Termaaten  12-22
Virginia Lackey  12-25
Jim Elenbaas - 12-28
Anniversaries for December are:  Happy Anniversary to everyone!
Paul & Joan Dion  -  12-14
Dale & Sharon Peterson  -  12-17
Dean & Wanda Stokes  -  12-30

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