Three River's Model T Club
September 15, 2011
Monthly Minutes
Vice President, Dean Stokes, opened today's meeting substituting for President Marlene Coder who was absent.  There were few members present.  We did not have a flag to salute, so that was omitted. 
Wanda read the minutes from the past meeting, all approved.  Treasurer, Mike gave his report, we have money in the bank.
Old Business
A report was given about the trip to Sun Terrace in Sunnyside.  Everyone had a nice time and a delicious lunch.
Reports were given on the Lyle Tour that Bill Sheller hosted, everyone enjoyed this relaxing trip very much.  The accommodations were first class and the food was delicious.  Everything went well even though two Model T's had to go on the trouble truck. 
Ray Porter from Kennewick High School did not attend tonight's meeting.  He requested Model T's to be present at this year's Homecoming. 
Marlene e-mailed Dean with some suggestions for tonight's meeting.  Marlene asked if we wanted to have a dinner meeting to break the ice for upcoming meetings.  Bill motioned that we table this until more members are present.  All agreed. 
Dean reported that Dale is in the hospital after having a stent in his heart.  We are all wishing Dale a speedy recovery.  He is missed.  Also. Fred Fraser reported that Lynda Carrarah is recovering from hip replacement.  We also wish Lynda a speedy recovery.  We miss you both very much.
New Business
Fred Fraser will check out Old Country Buffet as our October 20th meeting.  All present thought this would be a
great opportunity for more members to attend and have a delicious meal.  Please plan on attending.  The time will be 6:00 p.m.
It was noted that our Christmas party is less than 100 days away.  The Stokes' would like to host this year's party at their home in Sunnyside.  Be thinking about this and plan on attending.  More information will be forthcoming.
Much discussion was presented about the idea of returning to mailing out a hard copy of the newsletter.  Several members said that they just do not check out the website and appreciate a hardcopy in the mail.  We have few members who are actually participating in our tours and attendance is way down.  Mike Porter said that the newsletter is the backbone of our Model T club, and some members are not computer "savvy" and the club is dwindling.  All members appreciate Dale for his hard work and dedication to the newsletter on line.  We have money in the bank to perhaps spend on mailing via snail mail copies of the newsletter on line to members.  Dean said he will talk with Dale regarding this.  Linda Porter also noted that our 2011 membership roster consists of less than 20 members and of those, only a handful participate.  We will be discussing this further at the next meeting.  Please attend as this is an important meeting ~ October 20th at Old Country Buffet at 6:00 p.m. in Kennewick at the Columbia Center Mall.
Thank you Linda and Mike for the delicious snacks.  The meeting was adjourned with nothing more to come before the members.
Respectively submitted,  Wanda Stokes, Secretary
Hi Dale - We are sorry to hear about your new stent.  We are grateful that you were so close to help when you felt pain.  We know from first hand experience how tramatic this can be.  Please get well as you and Sharon are missed.  Take care of yourself for us and we'll keep you in our prayers.  God Bless you both - Dean and Wanda


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