Three River's Model T Club
January 15, 2012 Minutes
This month's Installation of Officers meeting was held at Applebee's Restaurant in Kennewick, Washington.  We had a good number of members attend this meeting.  President Marlene Coder welcomed everyone and new President, Dean Stokes.  We all thank Marlene for being a wonderful president this past two years.  Well done! 
New President, Dean welcomed everyone and conducted today's meeting.  First on the agenda was the awarding of the Trouble Truck Trophy.  Mike Porter was in charge of this and gave his report of this past year's tours and who broke down or had Model T troubles.  There were several candidates, but the trophy went to Bill Sheller for Henry's broken crankshaft.  Bill explained that Henry should be up and running soon and hopes to partake in this year's tours.  He will display the trouble truck trophy proudly in his home.  Thank you Bill.
Dean asked the members where we should have the February 2012 meeting.  Do we want to have it at the church, a member's home, a restaurant.  After much discussion, it was decided that the meeting will be in Herministon at Jim and Phyllis Langdon's.  information   It will be a potluck with members bringing an hot dish and a salad or dessert.  Table service will be provided, but bring a big spoon for your hot dish or salad/dessert.  The date is February 16th at 6:00 p.m.  Jim wishes to have the meeting at Jim Langdon's large workshop across from their home on Baggett Drive in Herministon. 
Several members pointed out that we should stick as closely as possible to the same time and date each month.  Other members pointed out that when we have meetings at a restaurant or member's homes, we usually have a better turnout than regular meetings at the church.  This item will be discussed more later on.
Jim Langdon also mentioned that they will be hosting a breakfast April 4th.  More information forthcoming.
Dale Peterson  gave an update about his trip for August 2012 to Mount Rainier National Park.  The dates are August 6th, 7th, 8th and drive home on the 9th.  Reservations need to be made as soon as possible and again, more information forthcoming. 
The National Model T Tour will be in Lincoln, Nebraska the week of June 17th, 2012.  Several members plan on attending.  Also the same week will be the Model T Speedster run in Butte, Montana.  Several members plan on attending this event also.
Bill Sheller also mentioned that he would like to revise the "Freeze Your Fanny" tour held in March, possibly to Walla Walla.  He is in the planning stage and more information will be forthcoming.
It was mentioned that April is the best viewing of hummingbirds in Dixie, WashingtonDale and Sharon Peterson put on a tour a few years back to Dixie, and everyone LOVED it.  Perhaps we will be seeing hummers in the future.
Dale also mentioned that he would like our club to do a get-to-gether with the Spokane Model T Club possibly meeting at Paloose Falls sometime in 2012.  Bill would like to do an "All Ford Day" in Herministon.  He wants to invite other Ford Clubs (Model T, Model A and Ford people) to come.  He is mulling this idea around and everyone thought both of these tours sounded great.
Dean Stokes mentioned that he would like to do a tour north of Sunnyside touring the Black Rock Creek valley.  May is a perfect time to tour this area as the wildflowers are just breathtaking and so are the views.  More later.  We could have a picnic.
Jane Armstrong brought her beautiful Model T quilt top she is making.  It is indeed a piece of art and we thank her for sharing. She is making this quilt for Russ, her hubby.
Dean had someone ask him about a Model T dump truck that used to be in the Tri City area.  Several members remember a little about a dump truck, but no one remembers exactly who had it or where.  Wanda read a letter (via e-mail) from an auto detailer who would like to link his website to Three River's website.  This letter was passed to Dale Peterson, our web-master.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,
Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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