Three River's Model T Club
May 17, 2012
Fort Walla Wall, WA meeting
Today's meeting was held at Fort Walla Walla.   President Dean Stokes opened today's meeting.
Secretary, Wanda read the minutes from the April 2012 meeting, all approved.  Treasurer, Mike gave his report.  We have money in the bank, the balance is the same as April with no changes.
Dean asked Marlene Coder to introduce her guests, George and Charlene Shockley, Welcome along with Brian Peterson, welcome too.
Fred Fraser gave his report of the upcoming Hat Rock Tour this Saturday at noon.  He asked how many T's were going,  Jim and Phyllis Langdon are going.  It will be a potluck and a good time.
Dean gave his report about the Black Rock Creek Tour coming June 1st.  He explained that there will be a trouble truck.  Each T participating will be required to give $10 toward fuel.  The truck will be full of fuel when we leave Sunnyside, and filled up immediately after the tour.  Any and all money's left over will be refunded back to the people who partook of the tour. 
Dean also explained the terrain that we will be traveling over.  He said for everyone to bring their cameras, lunch, cell phones (which will work in some areas), fire extinguisher, first aid kit and perhaps a chair.  We will be eating at the Robert's ranch old farm home and tables will be provided, but an extra chair might be appreciated, or you can eat on your running boards.  He also recommended that T participants adjust their low pedal.  Also make sure your T is full of fuel and bring extra water and oil for you T.  Water for drinking will be provided.  He expressed that our goal in touring is NOT to tear up our cars, so we will be taking it easy.  We will leave Sunnyside (The Stokes ranch) around 9:30 a.m. and probably will be back around 3:30 p.m. 
The National Model T tour has Jim and Sandi Ellenbaas going to Nebraska.  They should have a great time.  The Montana Speedster Run is being the same week as the National Model T Tour - June 16 through 22nd and many in our club will be traveling to Montana.  For this reason, there will be NO JUNE Meeting. 
We will be meeting July 19th at Jim and Sandy's home in Granger around 3:00 p.m. for a BBQ.  We are asked to bring salad or dessert as Jim and Sandi will furnish hamburger, the toppings and bratwurst makings.  This will be a very nice meeting, please plan on attending.
Fred Fraser contacted  Riatta Springs Baptist Church and explained that we are not meeting at the church for the time being.  We are trying out a new concept of having meetings at member's homes or restaurants to attract better attendance and it is working.  Thank you Fred.
Thank you also to Dale and Sharon Peterson for the wonderful Sub sandwiches and beautiful table display.  Thank you for arranging us to visit the Hummingbird Haven in Dixie, Washington.  Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the hummingbirds greatly.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,
Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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