Three River's Model T Club
March 15, 2012
Tonight's meeting was held at the home of Fred and Mary Fraser in Richland, Washington.  We had a good number of members attend.  President, Dean Stokes opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  He asked Secretary, Wanda Stokes to read the minutes from the past meeting.  The minutes were accepted as read.  Dean asked Treasurer, Mike Porter to give his report.  We have money in the bank.
Old Business
April 1st will the breakfast at Jim and Phyllis Langdon's shop in Herministon beginning at 9:00 a.m.  A sheet was passed around for people to bring side dishes.  Jim and Phyllis will supply the pancakes, eggs, sausage links.  This is always a wonderful event, plan on attending.
May 17th meeting will be at Old Country Buffet in the Columbia Center Mall area.  Time is 6:00 p.m.  Please attend and find out what is going on in your Model T Club.
May 19th will be the Ford meeting at Hat Rock State Park outside Herministon, Oregon.  If you have questions, contact Fred and Mary Fraser for more information.  This will be a picnic potluck.
June 1st will be a tour out of Sunnyside touring the Black Rock Creek Area.  The wild flowers should be in bloom for this primitive tour.  Dean and Wanda Stokes are hosting this tour and plan on leaving our ranch around 9:00 - 9:15 a.m. We will see spectacular vistas and more information will be forthcoming.  Keep this date on your calendar.
June 17th is the Montana Model T 500 Speedster Run and Tour in Butte, Montana.  We are hauling our T's to Butte and members must be members of the Model T Club out of Butte.  You can join once you are up there.  The dues are $10 and another $25 is needed to do the tour section of this exciting event.  Several members of Three River's Model T club are attending this as touring cars.  Plan on attending and checking the newsletter for more information as the date nears.
August 6th - 9th will be the tour hosted by Dale and Sharon Peterson for the wonderful tour to Mount Rainier National Park.  At this time, all the rooms at the Packwood Motel are taken by our members.  If you do wish to attend, please make reservations at some of the other motels in the area soon as they are filling up fast.  You should also have contacted Whistling Jack's resort at this time too for the trip back home.  Information will be forthcoming in the newsletter - check it out.
New Business
Bill Sheller told us of a great event hosted by the Walla Walla Model T club of a car show and other doings in Waitsburg.  This is a Classic Car show and we are invited.  Lois and Herb Mettler (past members of Three River's Model T Club) are in the  know about this great event. 
Mary Fraser passed around a late Christmas Newsletter from Denny and Linda Kehl.  They too, are past members of Three River's Model T Club who now live in Joseph, Oregon.  They have wonderful experiences with bears and bobcats visiting them at their remote home.  Very interesting. 
Dean asked members to give us their Garage Reports on how and what they are doing with their T's.  All of the members told of various things that they are accomplishing with their T's to get them up and ready for touring.  When Dean asked Russ Armstrong what he has been doing with his T, Russ replied: "I put on my hat and glasses and get in behind the wheel of his car and bounce up and down!"  We all loved it!  With that response, Sharon Peterson asked:  "How many Model T's does one person REALLY NEED?  Again, the women all loved this!  Amen to both responses!!!!!
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.  Mary and Fred served delicious pies, cookies and crisps along with tea, coffee, pop and juice.  Very good and delicious.  Thank you both.
Respectively Submitted,
Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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