Monthly Minutes

Three River's Model T Club
March 2010 Minutes
Tonight's meeting was opened by President, Marlene Coder, with the Pledge of Allegiance at Reata Springs Baptist Church in Richland, Washington.  A new guest was welcomed, LaVar Peterson, Uncle of Dale Peterson.  LaVar owns several Model T's and shared some of his life experiences with Model T's.  Thank you. 
Marlene asked for the reading of the minutes.  Secretary, Wanda Stokes read the February minutes with no additions or corrections.  Treasurer, Mike Porter, was asked for his report.  We have money in the bank.   Joe Moore paid his dues being the only income. There were no expenses.
Old Business
Marlene asked for a report on the Frost Your Finger's Tour to Pendleton this past weekend.  Several members who went on this tour gave outstanding reports of how much fun it was.  Many thanks to Linda and John Carraher for putting everything together.  The weather even cooperated and we saw lovely and interesting country to and from Pendleton.  Pendleton is a fancinating town with much history and charm.  Thank you so much.
Marlene asked for some clarification of what members thought of sending e-mail minutes.  Wanda asked if we could just send the minutes to the website and not to individual members.  After much discussion, some members felt that a proper newsletter might be the way to go.  It was expressed that a newsletter is the "life blood" of any group.  It was also noted that it just takes time for people to "change" and accept an on-line website for our Model T information.  Dale reported that several business that are related to Model T's, have expressed an interest to "linking" our website to theirs.  As it is now, all other clubs and members are getting is just the minutes.  Dale said that he will work on the website to have more of a newsletter in it.  Thank you to all who helped.  Paul Dion made a motion that the minutes be just distributed to the website alone.  Motion passed.
Please note:  This will be your last e-mail minutes that you will be receiving.  From now on, please check out our website:
Our website has a wealth of information and you can print out a copy for your own personal records if you wish.  Dale has done an outstanding job of putting this website together and lots of hours dedicated.  Thank you Dale.  If you have something of interest about Model T's, please send it to Dale Peterson at Dale will be sure to put it on the website.
For those who do not have e-mail, Wanda will snail mail them a copy of the minutes. 
Also, the website will be available to Model T clubs that we have shared newsletters in the past.  A notice will be sent to these clubs for them to check us out at the website.
New Business
Jim and Phyllis Langdon are planning on a tour to Mecham, Oregon on Saturday, April 17th.  This is a new date due to conflicts with the old date.  If you want to go, please contact Jim or Phyllis at 541-567-3196.  Phyllis asked for a head count to give the restaurant in Mecham an idea of how many are going.  You can leave your truck and trailer at the Langdon's if you want.  The tour will leave Langdon's at 9:00 a.m.  This is a beautiful tour through breathtaking country.  Plan on going.
Marlene was contacted by Wayne and Lorraine Williams about hosting this year's Christmas Party again.  All felt that this was a great idea and worked well for everyone.  We tentatively set a date, but it will be finalized at our next meeting.  The 2:00p.m. time worked well last year.  More later.
Wanda was contacted about our club being in a 4th of July parade in Sunnyside from some organizers in Sunnyside.  There did not seem much interest in it at this time.
Dale's uncle, LaVar told us how his brother used a Model T to cut firewood years ago.  It is truly amazing what these wonderful cars have accomplished over the years.  Thank you for sharing.  It is appreciated.
Our next meeting will be April 15th at the churchKen and Bernice terMaaten are scheduled for snacks.  For a complete list of who has snacks, please check the website. 
If you have not paid your dues yet, and want to be a member of Three River's Model T Club, please send in your dues to Mike Porter 4202 W. 10th Avenue, Kennewick, Wa  99336.  Thank you.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,  Wanda Stokes, Secretary.
April's Birthday's are:   Denny Kehl, 4/3, Jim Langdon 4/4, Merle Feik 4/5, Larry Huetson 4/15, Gary Ellingson 4/16, Dean Stokes 4/16, Carol Tesky 4/18, Mike Tesky 4/19, Betty Jane Phillips 4/27 and Ralph Anderson 4/30. 
    Happy Birthday from all of us.
April's Anniversary's are:  Ken & Bernice terMaaten 4/9 and John and Virginia Lackey 4/11
     Happy Anniversary to you from all of us.


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