Monthly Minutes

Three River's Model T Club

February 2010 Minutes
Tonight's meeting was opened by President, Marlene Coder at 7:00 p.m. at Reata Springs Baptist Church in Richland, Washington.  There were 13 members present.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said and everyone welcomed.
Marlene called the meeting to order and asked for the Treasurer's report.  Treasurer Mike Porter, said we have money in the bank. 
Dean Stokes, filling in for Secretary Wanda Stokes, read the minutes, all approved.
Old Business
Frost your Fingers tour for March 13 & 14, 2010 is in progress.  Your application should be returned to John and Linda Carrarah no later than February 20, 2010.  You also need to make your hotel reservation by February 28th for those interested in going to Pendleton on this fun tour.  Thank you to John and Linda for organizing wonderful trip.
It was reported that several members are going to Whitefish, Montana later this summer on the National Model T tour.  There will be over 160 cars entered and registration is already closed.  Seven couples are attending this tour from our own club.
New Business
Ralph & June Anderson have paid their dues for 2010.  Thank you very much.
A sign up sheet was passed around for refreshments.  Here is how we stand now:
March         _________________________________________
April           Ken & Bernice terMaaten
May            Russ and Jane Armstrong
June             Fred and Mary Fraser
July             Pot luck
August        _______________________________________
September  Jim and Phyllis Langdon
October      Mike and Linda Porter
November  Ivan and Judy Dike
December   Christmas Party
(If you would like to host March or August, let us know!)
Marlene also encouraged everyone to check out our new website, several members already have.  The web address is:
On Saturday, March 24th, Jim and Phyllis Langdon are planning a trip to Mechem, Oregon at 9:00 a.m.  If you are interested in going, please call Jim and Phyllis at 541-567-3196. 
Marlene will contact Wanda about organizing our roster for 2010.  It was also mentioned; do we send out newsletters to lifetime members?  Yes, we do.  We also send newsletters to other Model T clubs in Portland,
San Diego, Walla Walla, Lewiston and Puget Sound.  Mike Porter mentioned that our newsletters would basically be the minutes.  Perhaps the website would be the best way to get what we are doing out to other clubs.
Mike also reported that Stan Fast wants to offer our club another breakfast.  Our club wants to go, and the date will be set later.
Fred Fraser said people should be thinking of tours for this new year.  Get your thinking caps on and you will find a wealth of fun tours to offer in your area.  It doesn't have to be fancy,  just getting together is fun too.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.
Respectively Submitted,
Dean Stokes (filling in for Wanda Stokes) Secretary

Three River's Model T Club
February 2010
Birthday's and Anniversaries
Hi again everyone,
I forgot to put in the minutes everyone's birthdays and anniversaries for February and upcoming for March 2010.  Please wish them Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary if you see them.
February's birthdays are:
Larry Coder             February 2th
Howard Frye            February 4th
Sandy Ellingson       February 8th
Bill Betts                  February 12th
Lucille Knutson        February 13th
Dan Danko              February 13th
Anniversary's for February are:
Richard & Becky Sewer - February 14th
Bill and Nancy Betts - February 26th
March Birthday's are:
John Carrarher        March 8th
Nancy Betts             March 15th
Mike Porter             March 19th
Jim Patterson           March 23rd
March Anniversaries are:
Dan and Judy Danko    March 10th
Raymond and Angela Lehrman  March 25th
Herb and Lois Mettler  March 28th
Wayne and Lorraine Williams Marchth 29th
May God bless each and every one of you.


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