Three River's Model T Club
April 19, 2012
Meeting Minutes
Tonight's meeting was held at Old Country Buffet in the Columbia Center Mall area.  We had a good turnout of members.  President, Dean Stokes opened the meeting.  Secretary, Wanda Stokes was asked to read the minutes.  All approved.  Treasurer, Mike Porter gave his report.  We have one new member, Paul Dion.  He also read a thank you card from the folks who own the Lyle Hotel.  We have money in the bank.
Old Business
Dean asked Jim Langdon to give a report about the breakfast that Jim and Phyllis hosted last month.  We had a good turnout and great food.  Bill Sheller did a fantastic job with the pancakes and the equipment Jim made for the breakfast was wonderful.  Thank you for your help.
Dean asked Dale Peterson to talk about the Hummingbird tour set for May 17th.  We finally decided that the time would be 4:30p.m. and we will meet at the Walla Walla Fort at that time.  We will then travel to see the hummingbirds and have a picnic afterward.  Dale and Sharon will provide the sub sandwiches and we are  asked to bring salads or desserts.  We can either trailer our T's to Walla Walla or drive modern cars, the choice is ours. 
May 19th - Hat Rock Creek Tour.  We are invited to attend this tour put on by the Model A car people.  If interested, please contact Fred or Mary Fraser.  Also on May 19th is the car show in Waitsburg, WA.  If interested, contact Herb Mettler.  Another car show is slated for May 19th at Canyon Lakes.  If interested, please contact Wayne Williams.
June 1st - (Friday) Dean and Wanda Stokes are hosting a tour of the Black Rock Creek Area.  We will leave our ranch about 9:00 - 9:15 a.m. and travel to the Black Rock Area.  You will see wonderful vistas of the area and experience Mother Nature at her finest.  We will have a potluck and have a great tour.
June 17-20 - Montana 500 Speedster run will take place.  Several members are attending.  Also June 17 - 22 - is the National Model T tour in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Many members will be attending both of these great events.
August tour to Mount Rainier National Park is turning out wonderfully.  Dale and Sharon Peterson have been working very hard on this tour.  You should have your reservations all made for the trip to Mt. Rainier and the return trip.  More information will be coming soon.
Gary Ellingson noted that two Speedster tours are in the works for Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend in Spokane.  He expressed that these are well worth attending.  If interested, please contact Gary.
New Business
Bill Sheller made a motion that we skip the June 21st meeting because most of the membership will be either in Montana at the Speedster Run or in Lincoln, Nebraska for the National Model T Tour.  Gary Ellingson seconded the motion - passed.  Dale Peterson will call Applebee's Restaurant in Kennewick and cancel the meeting.  Jim and Sandy Ellenbaas asked if the July meeting could be at their home in Granger.  The date will be July 19th and more information will be forthcoming. 
Wanda read a letter (via e-mail) from Andrea Benedict from the Western Idaho Model T Club.  She likes our newsletter and asked if they could add our club as a link to their newsletter.  Also, noted that excerpts from Roscoe Sheller's "Me and the Model T" were used by their club.  Bill Sheller noted that everything in Me and Model T is copywrited and he will contact Andrea.  Dale will provide Bill with Andrea's address.
Bill asked Dale who all is getting newsletters both e-mail and snail mail.  Dale reported that he only sends snail mail newsletters to paid members of Three River's Model T Club.  Other past members and interested people get a e-mail newsletter. 
Dean mentioned that of the 25 paid families of our club, seven members celebrated birthday's in April.
Dean also mentioned that he is planning a "flash tour" (the tour will be spontaneous) out in the Yakima Indian Reservation traveling over the ridge and onto Naches.  We scouted this trip out and it is fantastic - beautiful scenery and wonderful Model T roads.  More forthcoming.
Wanda will write a letter to the Riatta Springs Church explaining why we have not been meeting at the church in hopes of improving members attendance by meeting at restaurants or members homes.  So far this has been successful and we will continue not meeting at the church.  Wanda will check with Fred Fraser to see if he has contacted the church and if not, then the letter will be sent.
Dean asked members for a Garage Report.  Members told of what they are doing with their T's to get them ready for all of the great tours fast approaching. 
Jane Armstrong brought Vintage Car Quizzes for us.  Wanda read questions from one of the quizzes to our members and we learned many interesting facts.  Thank you Jane.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,
Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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