Three River's Model T Club
April 21, 2011
Tonight's meeting was opened by President Marlene Coder with 14 members present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Wanda Stokes, Secretary read the minutes with one correction, the minutes were adjourned instead of cancelled from the last meeting, the  minutes were accepted as noted.
Treasurer, Mike Porter gave his report with $40 income from dues of the Barns and Ellingstons.  We have money in the bank.  A check for $100 was sent to Riatta Springs Church for letting us use a room for our monthly meetings.  It was also noted that member Howard Frye donated $50 toward his dues.  The balance of his generous donation Howard indicated it should go to the club's treasury.  Bill made a motion to accept Howard's gift and all approved.  Thank you Howard!
It was also noted there will be a Graceland Car Show May 27 and 29 in Memphis, Tennessee.  Also of note is another car show in Republic, WA sponsored by Les Schwab Republic Tire and Auto.  This event will take place June 11th at 9:00 a.m. for those interested, please contact 509-775-3355.
Old Business
Marlene apologized for not being able to put on the Cherry Blossom Tour.  There will be other tours in the future.
Mike gave a report on the tour around the Tri Cities area visiting some members who we haven't saw in quite some time.  Only three members participated and had a nice time.
Dean Stokes brought up the idea of giving every tour leader $50 to use towards expenses.  After much discussion, it was voted that we do not do this.  It was noted that trouble truck drivers be reimbursed for their fuel.  This was Jim Langdon's idea and everyone agreed. 
After more discussion of how to attract more members, Linda Porter suggested that we put an ad in the "Thrifty Nickle"  of any event that we will be active in.  The ad would be to invite interested people to come and visit with us and see the cars.  All agreed this was a great idea.  Mike Porter pointed out that Sacagawea Park is centrally located and we could use the park free of charge.  Mike is investigating the idea to have a potluck in the park and invite members to come and share their cars.
Fred Fraser also noted that most of the local museums would love to have our club participate in conjunction with the museums to spark interest for both.   Fred also pointed out that most younger people are simply not joining any clubs of any kind.  This is sad, but true.
The Ritter Springs Tour that Dale and Sharon Peterson are hosting is exciting and Phyllis Langdon pointed out that we are invited to square dance in the upstairs ballroom of the hotel.  Phyllis said we should bring along equipment to play square dance music and have someone "call" the dance.  This is a great idea.  Jane & Russ Armstrong said they have a record player that would work.
New Business
Mary Fraser and Jane Armstrong plan on hosting a tea and tour June 16th or June 18th to see the ABC Houses in Richland.  ABC houses were built for Hanford employees are quite interesting.  The tea would be at the Armstrong's with the tour following.  It was suggested that members dress vintage (or at least wear vintage head wear).  There will be more forthcoming in the next newsletter and meeting to finalize plans regarding date and time.
Mary Fraser also read a very interesting story by US author, EB White entitled "Farewell by Lovely - Remembrances of Model T Experiences".  Everyone enjoyed listening to this and we thank Mary.
With nothing more to come before the members, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,
Wanda Stokes, Secretary


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