April 15, 2010 Minutes


Three River's Model T club met with a good attendance.  President Marlene Coder opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dean Stokes read the minutes on behalf of Secretary Wanda Stokes.  No corrections or additions.  Mike Porter, Treasurer, gave his report.  We have money in the bank.
Old Business
Larry Coder mentioned that the Club Scouts of America are interested in Model T's and want to learn more about our cars and go for a Model T ride.  President Marlene suggested that we do a tour and give rides to the scouts in a park.  More about this later.
Jim Langdon's tour to Mecham, Oregon leaves 9:00 a.m. from Herministon April 17th.  There are 12 members going on this beautiful tour.  Thank you Jim and Phyllis.
New Business
Dale and Sharon Peterson's tour to the San Juan Island "Seat of Your Pants tour" is scheduled for September 19-24, 2010.  Dale passed out a complete itinerary of this great tour.  Make plans to go on this tour to beautiful San Juan Islands.  The tour will start in Anacortes, WA with a place to park truck and trailers.  If you want to go on this tour, you will need your passports.  There will be more information following as the date comes closer.  Thank you Dale & Sharon
The Christmas Party is scheduled for December 12, 2010 at Canyon Lakes Retirement Center.  Thank you Wayne and Lorraine Williams for your generous hospitality.
A car show is scheduled June 19, 2010 at Canyon Lakes with lunch provided.  This is something to think about and plan on attending if interested.
May 1, 2010 will be a Swap Meet at the Benton County Fair Grounds
A 4th of July Parade was mentioned, but not too much interest, so we will forego this.
Jane Armstrong said the City of Richland will be celebrating their 100th anniversary at Howard Amon Park May 8, 2010.  There will be quilting, weaving and other items of interest at the Community Center beside Crest Museum.  If you are interested, please contact Jane Armstrong. 
Russ Armstrong went to Hood River to check out the Transportation Museum.  There was some discussion about the club going to see this interesting museum.
Ernie Ferguson has helped our club in the past many times has terminal cancer.  The club will send him a "thinking of you card".
Please know that you are in our prayers.
We do not have anything scheduled for a June or July tour.  If you have some place you think the club would like to see, please speak up.  Dale Peterson thought about a tour to Soap Lake or a tour to Union, Oregon.
With nothing more to come before the club, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,  Dean Stokes for Wanda Stokes, secretary.
Birthday's for May are:
Judy Danko - 5/6,  Wanda Stokes 5/16,  Russell Armstrong 5/27  Happy Birthday to you all!
Anniversary's for May are:
Ralph & June Anderson 5/08,  LaMar and Faye Barnes 5/12, Ivan and Judy Dike 5/25
Happy Anniversary to the happy couples!
For our meeting in May, snacks will be provided by Russ and Jane Armstrong.

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